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The Unborn by Andrew Laurance

The Unborn by Andrew Laurance

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Third in the Terrifying Trilogy! 
Blood of Nostradamus


Nostradamus lives... in his descendant Celina Bell, who discovers that the occult blood of the medieval prophet runs through her veins. A terrifying knowledge which draws her closer to her ancestry-and the root of pure evil.


Now Celina must develop her inherited powers of the unnatural to stop an infernal plan sired by Nostradamus. A plan to bring forth upon civilization an all-powerful demonic progeny, conceived to rule the apocalypse and drown humankind in its own blood. The final horror is about to be born.

Andrew Laurance

A prolific master of the occult, and author of Ouija and Catacomb, Andrew Laurance presents his masterpiece of epic horror, BLOOD OF NOSTRADAMUS-a terrifying trilogy that includes The Premonition, The Link, and The Unborn.

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